There are more ways than ever to share your cards today, which is both a blessing and a curse. 

In particular social media has rich, vibrant card communities and being able to effectively navigate the waters of Instagram, Twitter and Facebook is essential to thriving in the hobby.

Collectors should embrace social media and all the opportunities it presents.

Top 5 Reasons Collectors Should Be Active on Social Media

1. Maildays!  - Show off all of your latest pickups when they arrive.

2. Feature Favorite Cards - Share what you’re most passionate about.

3. Find Your Tribe - Connect with people who have similar interests.

4. Want List - Let everyone know the card or cards you’re searching for.

5. Cards Come TO YOU - Your network knows what you collect and helps

This article will cover the various ways to share on social media to accomplish any or all of those goals.

To start each platform has somewhat of its own personality, and the same types of content aren’t necessarily as effective across the board.  Buffer broke down the Big 3 as follows:

Instagram: All about the visuals. If your content has a visual component, focus on that. If not, create one.

Twitter: Short, snappy excerpts of interesting articles, or eye-catching images. Perfect for news and trending topics.

Facebook: Think social sharing. What will people want to share with their friends? Evoke emotions with headlines and descriptions.

It’s handy to keep those high-level descriptions in mind when crafting posts for each.

Now let’s dive deeper into Instagram, Twitter and Facebook and their various ways to share.

Pro Tip:  Put your NextGem collection link in all of your social media bios so that anyone who visits your profile can easily see all of your cards with a single click.



Post - Share photos and videos with your followers.

Story - Share photos and videos that disappear from your profile, feed and messages after 24 hours, unless you add them to your profile as story highlights.

Reels - Record and edit short videos, add music, effects and voiceovers to the clips you record, manage who can see your reels or use your audio, and discover creators on Instagram.

Live - Start a live broadcast to connect with your followers in real time. Once a live broadcast has ended, you can share a replay or access it in your Live Archive.

Direct Message - Used to privately send messages and exchange photos, videos, stickers, audio, and files.



Tweet - A message posted to Twitter containing text, photos, videos, GIFs, or links. All your Tweets appear on your profile page and Home timeline. Your Tweets also show up in other people’s Home timelines or in search.

Retweet - Forward Tweets you love, news you want to share, or fun discoveries to your followers.

Moments - Curated stories about what’s happening around the world—powered by Tweets.  Moments let you tell a story by developing collections of notable Tweet conversations and live commentary, or weaving together Tweets that tell a powerful or interesting message.

Direct Message - Have non-public conversations on Twitter with anyone who follows you.



Post - Public messages posted to a user's entire audience or on a specific person's profile page (or “wall"). Regular posts are the first step to facilitating engagement.

Stories - All content posted to Stories lasts only 24 hours. Stories are fullscreen, short-form, ephemeral and offer all sorts of creative, customizable overlays, which means more ways to be authentic and less pressure to be perfect.

Messenger - Used to privately send messages and exchange photos, videos, stickers, audio, and files.

Groups - A place to communicate about shared interests with certain people. You can create a group for anything — your family reunion, your after-work sports team or your book club.

Download NextGem


NextGem makes it easy to quickly, consistently post quality card content that will get in front of the right audience. 

Some ways the app helps streamline the process of posting include:

  • Images are Formatted and Optimized for Each Platform 
  • Custom Templates for All of the Different Card Designs
  • Automatic Generation of the Most Effective Hashtags

In addition to sharing from NextGem, whether it’s to social media, text or e-mail, members can also share inside the app itself via chat.

A card-specific technology developed for this feature is the Carousel presentation, making showing off multiple cards and negotiating deals easier.

Make Deals on NextGem

Finally, here is a list of a few things to NOT DO when sharing a card:

* DO NOT Send Photos That Are Blurry or Taken from Too Far Away

* DO NOT Send Photos with Glare & Reflection Covering Key Areas

* DO NOT Send Just a Photo of the Front of the Card When Selling

With this knowledge base you are now ready to go out and start taking full advantage of all the incredible benefits that being active on social media has to offer the card world.

Click here to Download the free NextGem app and start sharing your cards on social! 

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