Ryan was starting an Instagram account from scratch.

A passionate card collector going back to his childhood, Ryan enjoyed scrolling through all the cards on “IG, but his account was recently hacked, and he could not recover it.  While unfortunate, this was also an opportunity for Ryan to start afresh and take advantage of all the vibrant card communities on social media has to offer.

Building a following is difficult, though, and not seeing results can be deeply frustrating. 

Challenges include: 

  • Creating quality content that others will find to be interesting and engaging.
  • Editing card images so they fit correctly on each platform.
  • Ensuring your posts get in front of not just the most eyes but the right eyes.
  • Lacking the time required to focus on telling a card’s story to generate more interest.

NextGem has features that address all these problems.

With his collection already digitized, Ryan could share his cards with just a few taps.

Share to Social Quick & Easy

The app includes a custom builder that generates the best layout for any card design. So there is no need to use another third-party solution to piece together an image for posting.

Users can even zoom in to highlight specific card sections, such as serial numbers.

The app also automatically generates hashtags relevant for the particular card, which is critical if others are to find the post when searching Instagram.

In a matter of seconds, Ryan can create an image that is customized and optimized for Instagram. 

Ryan created his new Instagram account @ryanwebercards on July 12, 2022, and started sharing cards using the NextGem tools. The results have been astonishing.

In just 10 weeks the account was celebrating:

  • 2,121 followers, having started with none.
  • 121,203 impressions (700 per post average)
  • 13,289 likes (75 per post average)
  • 23,900 accounts reached
  • 1,714 accounts engaged
  • 5,095 profile visits
  • 89.1% of its audience in the 16 to 44 age bracket

Note: Compare those numbers to the most prominent marketplace for cards, where some of his listings have just 5 views despite being live for weeks.

As impressive as all those statistics are the two most notable positive outcomes stem from areas that everyone values - money and their time.

Buy / Sell Leads - Ryan has had an eBay account since the late 1990’s, but in just a couple of months, the number of trades he has made on the site has been surpassed by deals made on Instagram.  Ryan is now selling tens of thousands of dollars worth of cards - all fee free, on Instagram. He is also sourcing rare cards for his collection that aren’t available on traditional marketplaces. In many cases, they come to him without him having to seek them out.  Ryan is now receiving at least one qualified lead (i.e. an actual offer) every day on Instagram.

Time - Ryan used to spend 10 hours per week managing his old Instagram account. However, with NextGem, he has cut that to 2 hours per week - an 80% improvement!

The results speak for themselves, and it’s clear that posting quality content quickly and consistently on Instagram, with the help of NextGem, has taken Ryan’s card game to the next level.

“I can’t believe how quickly my Instagram account has grown, and the results I’m seeing exceed all expectations. I feel like I’ve unlocked a whole new world of cards. The tools NextGem offers have helped make me more efficient and effective than ever on social media.” - Ryan Weber

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