Ryan is an ambitious card collector who is always looking for new opportunities to expand his high-end collection.  He is a successful entrepreneur who enjoys spending his valuable free evenings and weekends wheeling and dealing cards. At any given time Ryan has numerous deals in the works with many more in early stages. 

Ryan's problem was inefficiency. Managing all his card deals was a time-consuming burden amid constant back-and-forth messages with interested parties about availability and pricing.

With cards stores in multiple locations and listed on various marketplaces, Ryan sometimes lost track of what he had. Similarly, many photographs of his cards (often only a front image) were scattered throughout his phone's camera roll, and some were on different vault platforms, making it difficult for him to retrieve photos of cards when needed.

NextGem’s tools helped streamline these processes for Ryan. He digitized his cards, and his collection now has a mini website of sorts, complete with fully searchable, sortable and filterable beautiful 4K / High-Definition images. Everything is in one place with a single sharable NextGem link, enabling potential partners to view his complete catalog and see whether a card is for sale or part of his personal collection.

Ryan inserted his NextGem link into his social media profiles and instantly noticed the benefits.

  • The frequency of back-and-forth messaging dropped precipitously, which saved him significant time.  Fellow collectors who came across him on social media were only a click away from seeing his complete collection, and he quickly began receiving offers.
“NextGem has saved me so much time and hassle by eliminating some of the boring and superficial tasks in my deal flows by simply sharing one link to my collection.”

  • The app directs fellow NextGem members to Ryan's collection and takes others to the website version via a browser. He now receives daily messages from people who either have a card he is looking for or are interested in one of his.
“Having the NextGem link in my bio has expanded my hobby horizons by opening doors I didn’t know were there, both as a buyer and seller.  I’m even getting offers on cards that I’ve never shown off on a social media post or listed on a marketplace since people can browse my collection.”

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