3 Reasons You Should Be Promoting Your Sports Cards on Social Media

So you’ve accumulated an investment-grade collection of sports cards over the years, great!

Now, you’re realizing that there may be little options to share your cards with other collectors online.

You might be on social media for personal reasons, but there’s a thriving community of sports card enthusiasts on “Card Twitter” and “Card Instagram”.

It’s so strong, that once you uncover it – it’s near mind blowing.

Precious Metal Gems Hashtag on Instagram

Before hearing about these pockets of trading card collectors on social media like Instagram and Twitter, it was easy to get fooled into thinking that the only place to engage with other collectors was at physical card shows or through online marketplaces like eBay.

Think again.

Here are a few reasons why you should be promoting your sports cards on social media apps like Instagram and Twitter.

1. Millions of Trading Card Enthusiasts Are Active on Instagram and Twitter

With over 120 million active users on Instagram in the U.S. alone and over 77 million active users on Twitter, it’s clear that this is where people hang out and want to talk about like minded people and interests.

In fact, in the trading card and collecting community is a strong pocket of this user base.

Many people have gone as far to create additional accounts specific to the hobby and have started to use them for showing off cards. With 72% of people searching for cards 1 or more times a day, it makes sense to have a social media presence.

Here's a handful of accounts that are doing an awesome job sharing their cards over on Twitter:

NextGem Members on Twitter

2. Some of The Most Rare Card Collections are Being Shared on Social Media

Only a small fraction of cards are for sale on a marketplace at any given time. The rest can often be found on social media. Some cards may not even technically be available, but can be acquired by direct messaging a user.

One of our members connected on social and made an offer someone couldn’t refuse! They located a rare Grail card and met a new like minded collector at the same time.

This isn’t uncommon, in fact, Instagram’s research shows that 70% of shoppers use the network to research their next purchase. Combined with ads, Instagram is a great place for a brand awareness campaign. Our research tells us that over 60% of collectors purchased cards on social media in February, 2022.

Our research tells us that over 60% of collectors purchased cards on social media in February, 2022.

3. Helps You Build Up Your Credibility and Trust for High End Deals

Collectors recently are starting to take notice of the high fees that are seen on popular marketplaces and auction houses.

Since many investment-grade cards can easily sell for $20,000 or more, smart investors are realizing that there’s alternatives to paying high fees or commissions to get these deals done. We’ve talked to many on the high end side of the market that prefer to do deals off platform to avoid fees.

There’s also no time limit to make a deal like a traditional auction or showcase deadline. Selling high end cards can take time and the relationships you build along the way matter.

To do these types of deals off platform, it’s important to build your personal brand on social media sites and establish your credibility, way before it’s time to make a sale.

By nurturing your social media tribe, you’re also able to make new connections, learn new pricing comp trends, as well as get referrals from others.

Building social media accounts for your card interests may seem overwhelming at first, but we’ve seen and heard great success stories from our NextGem members.

Leveraging your social media accounts for collecting is not only more engaging and fun than other trading card outlets, but it puts an end to a ‘transaction’ only mindset in the hobby.

Download the NextGem app and start bringing your collection online today.

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